Simple Solutions for Common Home Maintenance Concerns

Courtesy of  Pexels

Courtesy of Pexels

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If you have owned a home for any length of time, then you probably recognize the fact that maintenance and repairs are just a part of life. Thankfully, some of the most common home fixes are quite simple, and most homeowners can knock them out easily. Here are some clever ways to resolve those typical, home-related tasks.

Bathroom Basics

Bathrooms require routine attention, but these essential spaces are typically uncomplicated when it comes to resolving issues. For example, you can remove mineral deposits from shower heads with a solution of vinegar and water, then keep up with it by spraying the area regularly with the same solution. Bob Vila explains that you can clean grout quite easily — just apply some common household supplies, such as vinegar and baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. Add a bit of elbow grease, and it’ll be good as new! Even unclogging toilets is easy-breezy. Both sinks and toilets can be unclogged with a blend of baking soda and vinegar. Just apply the concoction, let it sit for a few minutes, add hot water, and you should hear a suction sound. Repeat as necessary, and if this doesn’t resolve the issue, consider hiring a pro.

Garbage Disposal Odors

By the nature of how they are used, garbage disposals can often become malodorous. If your sink is foul-smelling, you have several options for lifting the odor. For instance, lemons smell great and also cut down on buildup — just be sure to use thin slices. Ice cubes similarly help lift disposal odors, and they will simultaneously sharpen the blades. For a deeper cleaning, you can unplug your disposal and scrub the mechanism with a stiff brush. 

Clean Your Laundry Machines

The two appliances that clean your dirty clothes can be subject to some serious crud and buildup. Your washing machine can not only have scum from your clothing, but soap can also buildup as well, and all of it together can lead to odors and yucky film. To clean and deodorize your washing machine, Dropps suggests running a hot cycle with two cups of vinegar. Front load models also benefit from wiping the seal routinely with a vinegar-water solution.

Your washer isn’t the only one who benefits from routine TLC. Ensure your dryer is running efficiently by cleaning the vent and hose area on a regular basis, as well as wiping down the drum walls with a blend of baking soda and water. 

 Stripped Drawer Pulls

Homeowners are often unpleasantly surprised when a drawer pull becomes loose, and tightening the screw doesn’t get them anywhere. If this should happen to you, it likely means the wood is stripped. Thankfully, fixing this frustration is simple and inexpensive. You can simply remove the pull, patch the hole with toothpicks and wood glue, then let it stand for 24 hours. Then, trim off the excess patch and screw the pull back into place.

Patch Drywall

Drywall gets dings and dents all the time. Whether someone swung a door into the wall, leaned back too far in a chair, or you rearranged your light fixtures, This Old House explains that patching drywall is quick, common, and easy. Cut a scrap of drywall to make the patch, then cut a matching space in the drywall around the hole. Cleanly remove the drywall for the patch, insert wood strapping and secure it behind the hole. Attach the patch, cover the seams with joint compound, and apply a piece of screen. Cover the area with drywall mud, then apply another coat of mud the next day and sand it smooth. You’re then ready to prime and paint.

Home-ownership and home maintenance go hand-in-hand. There are ample simple solutions available for homeowners to help them stay abreast of most common concerns. Ensure your home is in good shape with clever and easy fixes.